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Athabasca University

Bachelor of Arts Canadian Studies Minor

Graduates of Athabasca University's Canadian Studies program will acquire knowledge of Canadian related disciplines including Canadian history, literature, geography, Aboriginal studies, politics, and government. Not only will the program increase knowledge and understanding about yourself and fellow Canadians, but it will aid in further understanding and appreciation of Canadian diversity.

Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to

  • demonstrate a broad, flexible knowledge and understanding of such disciplines as Canadian history, literature, geography, indigenous and ethnic studies, politics and government.
  • show understanding of and interpret the Canadian experience and its diversity.
  • analyze, synthesize and evaluate.
  • demonstrate exemplary planning and organizational skills.
  • think critically and develop sound, logical argument in a conscious, systematic manner.
  • exhibit strong capabilities in oral and written communication.
  • think creatively and apply original thinking to a variety of disciplines.
  • conduct research to seek information and understanding of a topic efficiently as a basis for drawing sound and appropriate conclusions.
  • increase their knowledge and understanding of themselves and others.

Possible Career Options

Career options follow. In part, options depend on the subareas and options chosen for the major.

  • Writer: e.g., Journalist, Copywriter, Creative Writer
  • Editor: e.g., Literary Editor, Copy Editor (in advertising, for example)
  • Researcher: including policy researcher and consultant
  • Government Agent: e.g., Program Officer, Manager, Diplomat
  • Information Curator: e.g., in libraries, archives, museums
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

At Athabasca University

At Other Educational Institutions*

  • graduate studies in history, English, sociology, political science and other related/unrelated disciplines
  • education
  • law
  • social work
  • library science
  • police studies
  • journalism
  • teaching English as a second language (TESL)

* Entrance requirements vary among educational institutions. It is the student's responsibility to research the entrance requirements of other educational institutions.

Visit the Online Calendar for complete program regulations

Fee Summary

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