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New "Oil and Democracy" Course

Oil and Democracy Course Poster

March 12, 2012

Oil and Democracy: Directed Studies Classroom Courses - Spring 2012

This unique opportunity allows Athabasca University students to enrol in two directed studies courses that comprise a face-to-face classroom experience at the UofA campus and a placement with a community organization in Edmonton. These intensive "hands-on" senior courses will allow students to complete six AU credits in six weeks. Through course work and community-based projects, students will explore the thesis that "oil inhibits democracy" through the examination of three broad themes: the context of democracy in Alberta, rights claims in an oil economy, and governance.

View "Oil and Democracy" course outline (PDF - 33KB)

New Governance Course Released

August, 2011

GOVN / LGST / CRJS 377 Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection is now open for registrations!

Concerns about information about information access and privacy protection have given rise worldwide to Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection legislation. This course focuses on the conceptual underpinnings of this legislation, in particular the tension between societal transparency and individual privacy. It will be of interest to students in governance, communications, legal studies, criminal justice, health administration, political science, history, and sociology. The textbook for the course, Controlling Knowledge: Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection in a Networked World, is available for free download from AUPress.

Please contact the course profressor, Dr. Lorna Stefanick, for more information.

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